• Because Diversity Matters.

    Providing insights about diverse people that lead to equity.

  • Because Community Matters.

    Using organizational expertise to strengthen communities.

  • Because Insights Matter.

    Leveraging technology and data to build a more equitable society.

  • Because Equity Matters.

    Developing strategies to benefit the workplace and society.

Insight. Diversity. Equity.

The Innovatus Difference

Our greatest asset at Innovatus is our people. We are deeply committed to fostering a more diverse and equitable society. We combine this dedication with specialist experience in areas such as unconscious bias and inclusive management, as well as insights from big data, machine learning, and precision analytics, to create solutions that contribute to societal transformation.

Our Services


Innovatus’ Data Analytics and Business Intelligence practice uses personalization, machine learning with precision data analysis, and deep domain knowledge to gain deeper insights faster and optimize the performance of social programs.

Business Plans

Innovatus’ Business Plans and Programs solutions offer all-inclusive business plan components such as summary, data-driven, market and industry analysis, policy formulation, strategy and financial plan providing the company critical information securing its viability and positioning in its industry.

Business Plan Development

Innovatus’ Business Plan Development Programs delivers detailed and comprehensive strategic plans on how to develop your business by implementing various ideas, tactics, and strategies helping your company to grow in the market.


Innovatus’ Management Consulting practice offers critical business services such as strategy, planning, business analysis, program management, and project management solving your company's toughest challenges while minimizing business disruption, maximizing impact, and extracting new value.

Performance Improvements

Innovatus’ Performance Improvement Plans practice delivers an in-depth performance action plan to address and monitor performance deficiencies, helping the company determine areas of improvement and boosting the company or individual overall performance.


Innovatus’ Research & Evaluation practice manages the whole lifecycle of assessment, research, and evaluation studies to provide comprehensive information and yield reliable and actionable insights.

Strategy and Business Planning

Innovatus’ Business Strategy and Business Planning solutions offer comprehensive and strategic business planning for implementing and managing the strategic direction of a business, improving the company’s processes and operations.


Innovatus’ Information Technology practice delivers a full range of technical services to design, develop, implement and test systems accelerating its ability to help businesses do more with less and provide better results.

Learning & Development

Innovatus’ Learning & Development provides an in-depth and comprehensive range of services such as business and organizational development, facilitation, program management, monitoring, and compliance improving the company’s sustainable business development and competitive advantage.

Transformative Leadership

Innovatus is an established consulting services firm with a vast depth of knowledge, expertise, and experience in providing innovative solutions and programs designed to improve the leadership capacities and skills of the company or organization’s senior officers and has produced successful leaders that share the same commitment that inspires and builds confidence and resilience in others. 

Turnaround and Restructuring

Innovatus’ turnaround and restructuring Plan delivers a comprehensive and strategic plan for executing survival measures, identifying strategic improvements, and implementing corrections and provides trusted leadership in critical and complex situations to transform, create, preserve and recover value.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion


helps firms advance well beyond compliance by closely examining how it supports inclusion and diversity efforts through the lens of purpose, work, people, and total incentives.