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Research and evaluation

Innovatus offers a comprehensive selection of cutting-edge, adaptable methodologies and specializes in creatively putting these approaches to use to match the target audience and demand. We assist clients in creating quantifiable indicators, thorough data collecting, intelligent performance analysis, and program effectiveness to support informed decision-making on matters that are crucial to their success.


Innovatus helps clients develop and improve programs through comprehensive, custom-designed research, often combining experimental and quasi-experimental methods implemented across several sites.

Innovatus develops and implements flexible, mixed-method approaches that combines qualitative and quantitative methods to conduct program assessments—finding out not just whether a program works, but how it works, why it works, and where it can work best—and create a study with long-term significance for our clients. Applying our broad technology expertise, Innovatus' experimental studies go through more faster and easier using tools such as integrated standalone and web-based data management systems that are unique and adaptable.

Innovatus addresses the full lifecycle of experimental and quasi-experimental research services, including:
  • Methodology and study design
  • Training and technical assistance for study implementation
  • Quantitative and qualitative data analysis
  • Database and systems development
  • Secondary data analysis
  • Multilevel analysis
  • Reports and publication of results
  • Programming for sustainable quality improvement

Our team includes Ph.D.-level statisticians and subject matter experts in areas such as economics, health, and education, giving us a rich understanding of the contextual environment in which a study is performed, and informing results and analysis with our proven expertise.

Whether performing an insightful, early-stage evaluation or a data-rich, long-term evaluation, Innovatus applies extremely rigorous methodologies to help clients determine how a program measures up and find methods by which clients can enhance programs.

Our robust and targeted focus group research capabilities can help find efficiencies and gaps and get results in a matter of weeks. Innovatus' experience with implementation or process evaluation allows clients to build a program iteratively and make midcourse corrections.

Innovatus supports clients with formative and summative program evaluation to help them shape, improve, and transform programs for greater effectiveness.

Innovatus enables clients to build capacity in program monitoring and evaluation in areas such as public health, social services, and education, determining performance indicators and standardized data elements.

Building capacity in monitoring and evaluation within organizations and among individuals allows maximum resource use, particularly when establishing programs in challenging environments such as developing countries. Innovatus' experience in these circumstances—and our innovative and flexible approach to monitoring and evaluation—benefits clients seeking to build these internal capacities and helps clients keep their programs on target.

We train clinical staff, field workers, and trainers within organizations to define and implement studies and evaluations that are meaningful and lead to actionable results and improved outcomes. At the organizational level, Innovatus helps define evaluation needs and plans for implementation.